In today's fast- paced times with everyday stress and tension, we would like to contribute with our lovingly designed accessories to creating an oasis of well- being for relaxation and recreation. With Deazim, you can treat yourself to a little time out and regain your strength and energy.


Deazim did not develop overnight, but emerged through a natural process. The creative minds behind Deazim are Dilara and Danyal. They are siblings and use this strong and familiar bond to pamper people with a high demand for style and elegance with decorative accessories that conjure up a very special atmosphere. Every single Deazim item is well thought- out, stands out from the mainstream in a pleasantly unobtrusive way and was made with a lot of passion.

Dilara´s creativity and love of design became apparent at an early age. She has been drawing and designing decorative elements and accessories for as long as she can remember. At the age of 18, Dilara was already able to put her flair for aesthetic interiors into practice. She redecorated her parents flat, who are very proud of their daughters talent and actively support her work. In the meantime, Dilara has turned her "hobby" into a profession: She is an architect and demonstrates her sense of innovative design every day through designs and furnished floor plans.

Her younger brother Danyal is an important support in her life and work. Danyal not only brings his own ideas to Deazim Accessories, but also shines on an organisational level. Together, Dilara and Danyal form a strong team as a small family business which has set itself the goal of bringing a little more joy into everyday life with subtle elegance and exquisite sophistication.